The Farthest Dream I Can Remember. Guess Why.

This story happened to me when I was really young, like 3 or 4 years old.

It was a dark night in Mama’s house in Project 8. I was in the garage area, playing, I think. I was wearing this red shirt and jumper which I wore in one picture my family has of myself.

Suddenly, something caught my attention. It was flying from outside the house, towards me. I was all alone at that time. The size of this thing, it was the biggest I’ve ever seen (even up to now that I am 19). It was slowly flying, high enough that it can’t reach me. Of course I’m glad that it will be unable to reach me. It was the size of a car (Think of a typical four-door car, like a Toyota Vios, perhaps. Of course there weren’t any Vioses during this time.).

Car-sized, flying, disgusting. It was a cockroach, the largest of its kind.

Bad news: it was headed towards me and it was getting lower, closer to my height. I started running away from it. I ran, trying to get to the door into the house. I was running as fast as I could. From my eyes, tears were starting to well out. My face was slowly contorting. Fear was distorting it to crying. By this time, everything has turned black: the ground I was running on, the walls surrounding me, the lights, all was pitch black but I can still see my way.

But things just got worse. The cockroach’s legs grabbed me by my right index finger. Pretty soon, I felt my feet were not touching the ground anymore. I was being taken away by this hideous creature. I was being abducted. I looked up at my captor, then back down to the ground. Higher and higher we went, and farther and farther from the house.

The dream ends. And then my young self woke up. From that day on, even up to this day, I fear cockroaches. Don’t even think of playing a joke on me involving these creatures. Seriously.