It’s been a while since I wrote about a dream. Maybe this was triggered by an question I received about dreams. The second professor mentioned here was probably present because I was trying to remember a previous interesting lesson we had late this semester.
It was the first day of class in a subject that seems like a feature writing class or something similar. The professor, seated in front, was the same professor I had for my feature writing subject. You know what happens during the first meeting: syllabus is explained, assignments and requirements are given..
The professor had with her a bowl. She stood up, walked towards the middle of the room, right beside me, and placed the small, a-little-over-palm-sized bowl in front of me. I had no idea what the content was. It looked like hot prawn salad, but I couldn’t be sure. Then finally, the prof told the class to draw lots to determine the story assignments, and that the bowl was in front of me. Ahh. So that’s what it was.
I got a number, so has everyone else in class. Yet there was still A LOT of numbers left in the bowl. Prof probably prepared hundreds of numbers for a class of less than 30.
The professor wrote on the board what each number or range of numbers meant, what stories corresponded to them.
Strangely, the professor, a female, became a male, the same one I had in one of my classes this year.
He asked who got the first story written on the board. The student was named “Dos” and he wrote this on the board He then called for the second student. “Juan” was his name, and wrote it on the board as well. “Una si Dos, ngayon Juan,” professor said. It was a one-two punch, if you know what I mean.
Trying to avoid a “Tres” or a similar name, prof called on the student seated front row, leftmost. “Okay, miss, what number did you get?”
And she said the number.
“Okay. What’s you name?”
“Naples,” she said (pronounced “ney-pols”). I forgot the last name. 
I silently laughed in my mind. It sounds like a body part, nipple. I thought of how funny it would be if the professor actually wrote “Nipples” as her name.
He wrote an N on the board. Then an I.
Oh my goodness it will come true.
At this point, one student towards the front who had his head down sleeping, rose up shocked at what he was seeing as I was. The students beside me were suppressing laughter. I was looking around and a great majority were doing this.
I was preventing it from coming out, lowering my head, my face was buried in my bag laughing so hard. Then the inevitable happened. The whole room burst in laughter. Naples was trying to hold it back. Laughing in shame, she called the prof’s attention.
He wrote over the I and P with an A, and continued the discussion, as if nothing happened. But the mishap had been done. And it gave the class a lot of joy.

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