‘Murica Day 2: Golden Gate, fog, and football

Day 2: October 20

Today, we went to the image associated with San Francisco: the Golden Gate Bridge. But today, another regular visitor came up: the fog. The entire time it was really foggy and we couldn’t see the bridge! Tourists also flocked to the Bridge. They were probably as disappointed as I was.

This was actually the second time we’ve gone here. The first was back in 2004 during our first USA trip as a family. Here’s the thing: if I remember correctly, during that visit, it was ALSO FOGGY. How Golden Gate unlucky are we, huh?

But the fog didn’t just obscure the view of the Bridge. It also blocked driving views. When we were coming back home, there was a time when the fog limited visibility to around 10 feet. I wasn’t driving but I felt that driving was dangerous.

Today is Sunday, and in America, that means football day. Days before, I already checked the NFL TV schedule and saw that my New England Patriots had a game today against their rivals the New York Jets on CBS. I excitedly watched the game as it was the first live regular season NFL game I would be watching since 2009, when Balls and Solar Sports stopped airing NFL games in the Philippines. But I only got to watch till the second quarter because we already had to leave for Golden Gate.

After the Bridge, we had lunch at Red Robin, where they serve lovely burgers nd the biggest fries I’ve ever seen. While eating, another football game was showing: the hometown San Francisco 49ers versus the Tennessee Titans. It was the clearest HDTV broadcast I’ve seen so far. Behind me, there was a group donned in full 49ers gear. They also had their kids with them (or they looked like their kids). Here’s the catch: they were women, hot ones. The kids may have been their siblings, but maybe not, I don’t know. But yes, they were hot. And they watch football.

We went to the nearby Serra Monte Mall afterwards. US malls are nowhere near Philippine malls. Back home, malls are alive and vibrant. Here, they have dull malls: no music, not much people, just a bunch of stores clumped together.

When we got home, my uncle was watching, yep, football. Sunday Night Football featured the Denver Broncos visiting the Indianapolis Colts. It was Peyton Manning’s Indianapolis homecoming. I didn’t finish the game because it was a blowout in favor of the Colts, who eventually won by single digits.

Today was a fantastic football experience, something really foreign to me. Not only does American football not exist professionally back home; TV networks also do not show it. It’s all basketball, which is fine. It is a basketball country anyway.


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