I hate that we have become so Internet-dependent. We rely on the Internet as if it’s the only way to live our daily lives. Some say “no Internet is the new brownout”. And rightfully so. It has become a necessity, sometimes more important than food or drink.

When we go to places, we ask, “Is there Wi-Fi?” before anything else.

Before we eat our food, we take out our smartphones, open Instagram, and take a snapshot of what’s on the table.

Upon arrival anywhere, we go to Foursquare and check-in.

We chat so loudly on Facebook, even if we are just in within the same room.

I don’t want to come clean. I do some of these. I depend on the Internet too much. And I feel this when working on projects. When the Internet is badly needed to communicate, yet I live in a country where Internet is wildly inconsistent, I feel like a weight tied to my group’s ankles, slowing their progress down.

Which makes me think: what if the presentation of the project will be done the Monday right after Easter Sunday, it’s Holy Week and some of us are on vacation, and there is no Internet? How then would we carry on?

The development of culture would really lead to Internet dependence. It’s about time the country adapted.


A fictional conversation between Ho and Poe

Characters: Grace Poe, senatoriable; and Gretchen Ho, Ateneo de Manila University volleybelle.

Scenario: Gretchen Ho would like to volunteer to be a member of the Team PNoy camapign. To sign up, she has to talk to a member. In this case, it is Grace Poe, one of the candidates running under Team PNoy.Ā 


Grace Poe (GP): Pangalan ho?

Gretchen Ho (GH): Opo.

GP: Anong opo?

GH: Tama po.

GP: Opo ang pangalan mo?

GH: Hindi po.

GP:Eh ano nga?

GH:Gretchen Ho.

GP: Gretchen (sinulat sa papel)

GH: Opo.

GP: Ano apelyido?

GH: Ho.

GP: (as if hindi narinig ng kausap) Sabi ko, ano ang apelyido mo?

GH: Ho.

GP: Ano nga ang apelyido mo? Bingi ka ba?

GH: Hindi po.

GP: Ano ngang buong pangalan mo, iha?

GH: Gretchen Ho!

GP: Ang kulit mo naman! Ano ngang apelyido mo? What is your last name? Ayan in-English ko na ha!

GH: My last name is Ho. H. O. Ho. Like hohoho, Merry Christmas.

GP: Ahh. Oh. Ehehehe. I see. Hi Gretchen. (extends hand for a handshake) Grace Poe.

GH: Hi nice to meet you po.

GP: Excuse me. Ano tayo? Mga sundalo at apelyido lang ang pantawag mo sa ‘kin?

GH: Hindi po. Sorry po.

GP: Sasagot ka pa e. Magsosorry ka pa e ganun din naman.

GH: I apologize, Miss Grace.

GP: And what is my last name? This is the only time you can call me by my last name!

GH: Poe po.

GP: Tatawagin mo pa ‘kong poopoo ngayon. Umalis ka na nga! Don’t volunteer here again!

GH: Sige po, ingat po kayo, Ms. Poe.

Maling English

Noong isang araw, sinuot ko yung sapatos kong pantakbo. Bigla akong napaisip sa tawag dito sa Ingles. Running shoes. Hindi ba mali ito?

Running shoes. Ngunit kung iisipin mo, bakit nga ba running shoes ang tawag? Eh hindi naman tumatakbo yung sapatos. Magugulat siguro ang kahit na sinong makakakita nito. Sapatos yun na kusang gumagalaw.

Naisip ko rin ang term na basketball shoes. Same concerns: hindi naman basketball yung shape niya. Hindi rin siya pwedeng magamit na bola pang-basketball.

Kaya next time, wag mo na lang sabihing running shoes: sabihin mo shoes made for running. At imbes na basketball shoes, tawaging shoes for basketball.

Salamat sa pagsasayang ng oras mo.