LOL: Love Online (no, not the Filipino film of the same title)

It was not a grand conversation. It was not about food. It was not even about them. It was simply a conversation about Glee.

That was how Joy Cabaltera met Jeff Tagle online. Through Twitter, they talked Glee. That was almost two years ago in September 2010. Around that time, Glee’s second season was starting.

Fast-forward 21 months and, just like that, now they have been gleefully married for two months now.

Joy said they’ve been tweeting each other for days before actually meeting each other. “We were talking to each other for a few days. Then our friends started noticing us on their news feeds. That’s when I decided ayoko na ng online,” she said.

She mentioned the notion among people that online “courtship” (writer’s own words), such as the one she was in, was taboo.

Tweeting publicly for everyone to see stopped. This turned to direct messages (DMs) sent to each other. Soon enough, it went offline. After a week, they started texting each other. Then calling. The only missing piece is actually seeing each other.

“A few days,” to use Joy’s words, was all it took.

“He asked me out to see his Lego collection in Megamall,” she added. This was the first time they personally saw each other.

It took long for them to see eye-to-eye for the first time because of the distance between them. Joy was from Antipolo. Jeff was from Parañaque. They really were a long way from one another.

That long distance eventually culminated in the ultimate expression of love – marriage. Joy officially became Joy Cabaltera-Tagle on April 20, 2012.

“The date was 420,” said Joy, with a laugh alongside. “420” is a popular term related to marijuana-smoking.

Currently, Joy and Jeff are maintaining a food blog at The blog, in the “About us” section, says, “The two are no food critics, nor are they authorities on what’s good and what’s not. This is simply a journal of their journeys of nourishment and sustenance around and outside the Metro.”

The two are also social media advocates. Last Saturday’s Social Media Day was the first of its kind in the Philippines. Joy and Jeff Tagle served as the event’s hosts for that afternoon.

Their love story is an example of just how powerful social media is and can be, which is why their hosting of the event was very fitting.

Social media allowed Joy and Jeff to find love. The question now: what can social media NOT do?


5 responses to “LOL: Love Online (no, not the Filipino film of the same title)

  1. Take Comm 150 next sem (kung babalik pa si Ma’am Data hehe)! Para bahain ka rin ng readings on new media and all the other stuff related to internet. HAHA

  2. I was present at their wedding reception (blogged a little bit about it, too) and even took home the bridal garter. The whole was thing was indeed ‘trippy’ – it’s some kind of high and you could feel it through this couple.

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