Going Through Changes

The saying “change is the only constant thing in the world” is very true in the world of journalism.

Information dissemination is the primary aim of the profession. At this age, when information is fast and abundant, changes in journalism happen rapidly. Gone are the days when the public hear the news 24 hours after it happened. Now, it might even be surprising to hear about something 24 minutes after it happened. It seems too long a gap.

The trend nowadays is moving towards online journalism (OJ). I agree with what Paul Bradshaw said“Employers will be (and are) frustrated at graduates who can spot a story in a press release but not a tweet, forum thread, or dataset; at those who can write a 300 word print piece but cannot adapt their style for the latest web platform; who will buy one source a drink but not invest the same time in building trust with dozens on social networks.”

He is emphasizing OJ’s role in the journ world. With lots of information available on Twitter and other networking sites, stories are bound to be found in these sources. Having no nose for news in these places puts one at a disadvantage.

Which brings one of Jeff Jarvis’ points to the picture: he wants journalism education to be taught online to professionals “who obviously need to learn new skills as the industry convulses around them”. For me, it is a little bit too idealistic, but necessary nonetheless.

By educating journalists about the online methods, which are more effective as it can show pictures and videos along with the news article, journalists may disrupt the industry, in a good way of course, as Jarvis said.

Change is the only constant thing in the world. And as the information age is rapidly growing, journalism must catch up, and the only way to catch up is through change.


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