The Perfect Hue

The UP Journalism Club’s executive board had a meeting today in our president’s condominium. Around 5 or 6 am, all the other officers were  (un)comfortably and soundly asleep, snoring, breathing slowly and steadily. All the while, I was sitting on the computer chair, trying to sleep and failing to sleep. I started my attempts when it was still dark. I stopped trying and started writing this when I looked out the window and saw the sun’s rays already beaming from behind the far mountains.


The Perfect Hue

Orange and blue
A perfect hue
The morning sky
Just like you

Purity of blue
Clean as new
Untainted, unblemshed
Just like you

The orange so bright
So strong but not quite
Simple, but not so
Just like I

Put them together
Orange and blue
Fits like a glove
A Perfect hue

I’m the orange
You’re the blue
Let’s put us together
Me and you


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