A poem I wrote last Jan. 18, 2010. Inspired.



I know She’s out there
Maybe beside me
She may be invisible
And yet to be seen
She may be a droplet
in a sea of people
She may be the rock
that causes a ripple
She may be a grain
in the warm beach sand
Or the nice sand castle
which stands so grand
She may be one
of the hairs I can’t count
or that lone white strand
so tempting to pull out
She might be a song
used as a filler
She may be the encore
that people remember
She may the habit
I’m so used to doing
She may be the dream
which ends up in ruins

In all fairness
I know she’s like air
I still haven’t seen Her
But I know She’s just there


6 responses to “She

  1. Anyhoo nung una, naalala ko yung song na “She” by someone, yung “sheeeee may be the face I can’t forgeeeet lalala.” Speaking of songs di na tayo nakapagrecording evarrrr. Gawa tayo ng song soon! Skywalkers yo

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