Stream of Consciousness During 4th Econ Long Exam

Ayan na exam na…

Good luck sa amin!… *door opens* Whoa. Studyante ba ‘to?… Proctor ‘to?! Whoaaaaaa!

♪Buhay ko’y nagbago, ang pinatunayan mo… the Phillips Curve is blablabla… ♪sa oras na lumipas may dumarating may… if the inflation rate bla bla bla…ahh eto… Ang hot ng proctor na ‘to… ♪Noong unang makilala… number 20, hmm ahh eto… Ganda ng proctor na ‘to… Proctor ba talaga ‘to?… ♫ Tawanan, iyakan, kwentuhan, tampuhan… Hmm, ano nga bang sagot dito?… ♫ ngunit walang hangganaaan… number 20, hmm, mamaya na. skip na muna… Iba talaga ‘tong proctor namin ngayon… Ano kayang dapat kong idagdag sa kanta? Anong dapat ibawas?… Parang, hmm, sobrang bass… ♪ Pagpupugaaaaay… Sana lumapit ulit siya sa ‘kin para tignan yung ID ko… ♫ Noong una, nag alanganin, nilipasan pa kita ng tingin… Ano nga ba ‘yung labor force participation rate? Ah tama, 66.3%… ♪ Mapagbirong tadhana, paano kaya kung di ka naki–…  *second voice* ♫ Mapagbirong tadhana, paano kaya kung di ka nakilala… ♫ jun-jun-jurujunjun-jun Buhay ko’y nagbago…

Number 50… Yes tapos na yung exam… Paguwi ko aayusin ko pa ulit yung songs… ♫ Buhay ko’y nagbagoooo….


— Eto ang laman ng utak ko kanina habang nageexam. Don’t get me wrong, nasagutan ko naman nang maayos yung exam. Pero mas excited ako sa ibang bagay. At ang ganda lang talaga nung proctor namin kanina. Seryoso. Kasing-ganda nung kantang gawa ng Skywalkers.


On Specific Words and Wishes

“Be specific with your words.”

These were words I learned a year ago from my Creative Writing 10 and Journalism 101 classes. And implicitly, they are being reinforced in my Social Science 2 and Journ 102 classes.

Just recently, I learned that even in wishing for things, this applies.

Since 2012 started, I’ve been wishing, wanting, hoping to get an encore. I’ve been waiting for that moment to arrive, something which hasn’t been present since probably December.

January passed, it never came. February passed, it never came.

First day of March arrived, and, finally, my wish was granted.

Exactly when I wasn’t wishing for it anymore.

For weeks, I’ve wished that I would get you alone after a long time of always being around others. I think I’ve told you before that I function best when we’re alone together. Maybe it was something you did your best to avoid — and succeeded in it.

When it came, it was too late. Things changed. I half-jokingly tell you to cut class at that exact time slot in the past, but you always went to class. I always went to class.

Now that you decided to cut, and we had a free cut, when we were finally alone, things weren’t the same anymore. The wish’s effect has been rendered useless. I should’ve wished for alone time when things were still going very well. Sadly, my wish lacked the last seven words of the previous sentence.

“Be specific with your words.”

Be specific with your words in writing. Be specific with your words in speaking.

And just as I recently learned, be specific with your words in your wishes.