UP Fair Thoughts

UP Fair 2012 was my first taste of UP Fair in my college life. I wouldn’t normally go, but having Parokya Ni Edgar as the headline act, plus having that on a weekend, it was like the universe (or the university) conspired to make me go and watch and experience it.

Since I’ve discussed PnE in my previous post, I’ll talk about the rest of the night here.

The first thing that came to mind as the night wound down was also a musical event: Woodstock. UP Fair is like Woodstock-lite.

At 90 pesos per ticket, you have access to a vast number of bands, some big names and some up-and-comers, much like Woodstock which cost anywhere from $18-$24 for three days of the event.

If only the Sunken Garden wasn’t that muddy. I think people would have sat down on the ground to rest weary legs. Or better yet, slept.

It was a great experience though, standing up for seven-plus hours straight.

As for the performers, my favorites were Talahib,  Datu’s Tribe and Giniling Festival.

Talahib was the first band of that kind I’ve seen. They were using ethnic instruments with the usual acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and drums. I especially liked their song which if I’m not mistaken is for Ifugao. They played an ethnic-sounding song with the electric guitar used to mimic the sound of one particular ethnic instrument (whose name escapes me right now).

Datu’s Tribe was fun. “P*****i*a!” was how they started their set. “Sorry, kami ba ‘yung unang bandang nagmura?” P*****i*a,” to the crowd’s laughter.

“Sino dito ang may maitim na kili-kili?” was the question they threw to the crowd to introduce their first song. It was a laugh trip. Their song’s lyrics had “Ano’ng sagot sa maitim na kili-kili?” and the answer was sabong pampaputi. They also sang their 2005 hit Lakambini Bottom.

Giniling Festival was energy. They were total performers on stage. Their showmanship is unmistakable. “Sino dito may birthday?” their vocalist asked the crowd. Hands went up in the air. “Happy birthday sa inyo,” greeted their frontman. “Sino dito nagbirthday na?” he asked again. “Belated happy birthday sa inyong lahat.”

Malamang nagbirthday lahat diba? :))

Kamikazee performed right after Parokya Ni Edgar did. And wow, Jay was a stand-up comedian up there, with jokes not for the clean-minded. He was really funny! “Bakit kayo nakasakay dyan sa ferris wheel? Hindi niyo ba alam na may namatay na dyan?” he quipped. Everyone laughed, naturally.

He also covered Billionaire be himself, altering the lyrics a bit. “…I wanna be on the cover of Playboy magazine.” I forgot what he said next!

He also made a joke about the female genitalia, saying that if it had Vitamin C, he would be really healthy today :))

In between songs, he saw the ferris wheel again. “Hala ambilis nung ferris wheel o! Mamamatay kayo nyan!” HAHAHAHA”. The crowd loved them. And when they performed, majority of the crowd was jumping up and down without getting rowdy.

All in all, it was a fun night. Bottles flew towards some of the rowdy and discourteous crowd in the front, who were raising banners, blocking the view of those behind. They deserved it. It was delighting to see them get hit by those C2 bottles. Honestly.

The mud also made things terrible. If you weren’t careful, you would fall. I didn’t, thankfully.

I wanna see Datu’s Tribe, Giniling Festival, and Kamikazee perform live again. They perform really well. ‘Til next time.

Great UP Fair 2012, great first-time experiences, great value for money.


One response to “UP Fair Thoughts

  1. Giniling Festival is really great…

    Their music even added thrill to a now sought after Explorer! Bogart the Explorer (His video for DPC yellow Canvass)… 🙂

    Watch this one, its funny… “in the Philippines if you have DSLR you are professional Photographer” lol

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