A Love Rekindled

One of the biggest  hits of 2003 was Mr. Suave from the album Bigotilyo. Following this song were other memorable singles: Alumni Homecoming, The Yes Yes Show, and Your Song (One and Only You). And who can ever forget Chikinini, a parody of Yano’s Banal Na Aso, Santong Kabayo.

I bought the album my classmates were talking about.

And I fell in love with Parokya Ni Edgar.

My Bigotilyo CD was played endlessly then, which led to me memorizing most if not ALL the songs in that album.

And while this nine-year love affair hasn’t been on a high for the past few years, it has recently been revived right after seeing them perform in the final night of UP Fair 2012.

I was left hanging, expecting them to perform for around an hour, or doing around 10 songs, whichever came first. They only had a five-song set. But five songs were enough to rekindle the love I had for them.

Soon as they came out on stage, the crowd exploded in applause and excitement. Finally, after standing for the past six and a half hours, the band everyone was eagerly waiting for is here to perform.

They started their set with a song from Halina Sa Parokya, Para Sa’yo. Right from the get go I was singing my heart out to every word in the song. It was one of the best songs from that album, which also had a Pinoy Big Brother-ish music video and a dance. Those were Grade 7 days.

Following this was their classic song Halaga. Everyone was singing with the band. And of course it wouldn’t be a Parokya Ni Edgar performance without some fun from Chito and Vinci. During the line “…and pagtiyaga mo diyan sa boyfriend mong tanga”, Vinch was in the lower part of the stage, with his back to Chito, and Chito on the stage itself. Vinch was pointing back to Chito while singing this line, Chito doing the same to Vinci, middle finger going up towards the end of the line. Laughter and applause ensued from the crowd.

They called out Gloc 9 for the next song. I was hoping they would do Bagsakan. Then Gab started strumming. It sounded like the intro for Picha Pie. But no, it wasn’t. They did One Hit Combo, from Pop Rockers. It was the only song I didn’t know all the words to. Mad respect for Gloc 9’s rapping skills.

“Sa mga gustong mag-CR o mag-yosi, sige lumabas muna kayo.” That was how Chito introduced their next song. “May pagti-tripan lang kaming kanta,” he followed.

And then Gab started playing the intro. Pangarap Lang Kita. But instead of having Happee Sy duet with Chito, Vinci took her part! It was one of the songs I wished they would play, and they did. Crowd loved it. I loved it. Everyone loved it.

Chito then called back those who supposedly went out. “Yung mga nag-CR at nag-yosi sa labas, bumalik na kayo.” It was time for their final song to close out their set. What else would it be? Of course it was The Yes Yes Show. They altered the lyrics a bit.

Vinci: ‘Di ba kahit ikaw ‘yung gumawa, alam nating mas OK nung ako yung kumanta

Chito: Tsong naman please lang wag ka nang magyabang at alam mo naman na pamback-up ka lang at ilan na ba ang talagang nagawa mong kanta? Ilan?

Vinci: Wala. Pu****i** mo!

All for fun of course. “Peace tayo mga, tsong!” was Chito’s battle cry throughout their set, alluding to the ensuing rowdiness by the crap crowd towards the front-center part of the audience.

Just like that, five songs and my love for them is on a high once again, just as it was back in grade school.

On my way to the UP Fair, and also while waiting for my cousin, I was playing Parokya Ni Edgar songs on my iPod. On my way home this morning, I was playing Parokya Ni Edgar songs on my iPod. Now as I’m writing this, Inuman Sessions Vol. 1 is playing in the background.

My 90 pesos went a long, long way. Now I want to see a Parokya Ni Edgar concert/gig. I just have to, after seeing them this morning and being left hanging because only had a five-song set. Even if I have to pay 900 instead of 90, I’d love to.


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