Valentines Day Observations Part 2

In relation to my previous post and a comment by Beata, let me share an experience tonight.

We had dinner in Westgate Alabang, in this little restaurant called Sophia’s. If you saw the film by Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion, it is the restaurant towards the end of the film.

It’s a really small restaurant, but since tonight was V-Day, it was PACKED. Inside, full. Outside, full.

The head waiter was never stationary. He was always pacing around, checking on everybody, going up the stairs then back down, then oustide, then back in, then out again. He was in such a hurry. His face was sweaty from all the movement. His body language was tired. He looked haggard.

The restaurant’s owner was also restlessly going around, talking to customers. And occasionally, shout at a waitress or a cook in the kitchen. He, too, was stressed, though it wasn’t as obvious as with the head waiter.

The other waiters and waitresses were clearly flustered by the number of customers they had to serve tonight. Mistake after mistake in the orders of the people. My mom ordered a mango shake which never came. We almost had a calamansi juice we didn’t order. The bill and the official receipt showed two different prices.

What I remembered is the Facebook game which was a hit before, Restaurant City. Sophia’s tonight was like a small Restaurant City resto which had little crew and lots of customers, resulting in potential diners walking out of the restaurant instead. It was a good thing nobody did in Sophia’s, and that no one argued with the waitresses even if the latter were getting orders wrong, mixing them up with each other.

Somehow, I got the feeling that my family and I were the odd ones out in the restaurant. Everyone else were couples, whether young or old. They were all couples. Only the Regondolas came as a family. I mean, really, we were surrounded by couples.

And almost everyone was dressed up! Most that I saw were wearing long sleeve polos and slacks, while the girls had dresses on, while I came into the resto wearing a shirt and cargo shorts. Which made it seem like I was a sore thumb sticking out. I didn’t belong. At least my brother wore jeans.

Seeing all those people was fun. Seeing those Sophia’s staff get pressured was a little unsettling, but hey, it’s Valentines Day. Everyone’s out. Too bad they didn’t add more staff to work for them.


2 responses to “Valentines Day Observations Part 2

  1. Awww! Nothing beats a family bonding anytime of the year! 🙂 LELZ but yes. Napakaraming tao sa mundo. Valentine’s, apparently, ay isa sa mga seasons nilang magpakita nang bonggz haha

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