Valentines Day Observations

Today, I witnessed what Valentine’s Day is like for the public. And by public, I don’t mean my classmates, friends, or family. I mean those strangers whose names I don’t know in school and those who I share the jeepneys, buses, and MRTs with.

Because this was the first year which permitted me to do so.

Last year, though I was already in college, V-Day landed on a Monday. Most UP students do not have Monday classes; hence, I did not witness it outside of my family.

V-Day was a Sunday in 2010. For obvious reasons, I did not see anything or anyone other than my family. Plus, I was still in high school then, and Zobel is a sheltered school hidden in the heart of the Ayala Alabang Village. Besides my schoolmates’, no, I did not see any V-Day festivities.

V-Day 2009 was special for me because on that day was our JS Prom, my then-girlfriend was my date, and we were spending our first monthsary on that day. 2008 V-Days and below, those were forgettable. Nothing special.

But today, I really expected more…of everything. More flowers, more gifts, more of the color red, and more smiles. Maybe the love bug has not bitten lots of Mass Comm students. Maybe the love bug has gotten some victims, but the victims are too busy studying for an upcoming midterm exam or cramming a paper due in a few hours.

Or maybe — although Mass Comm students are known for being shameless, makapal ang mukha — they let their shy side take over.

When I was on my way back to Alabang, I saw at least five bouquets of flowers, at least three cake boxes, and probably around 10 stems of roses being carried around by people. Others had their boyfriends/girlfriends with them.

Some women were alone carrying rose stems or bouquets. I assumed they were on their way home, and that those flowers were given by their significant others while the ladies were at work.

There was a dichotomy for the guys who carried these flowers: they were either on their way to their dates, or they were delivery boys of their respective flower shops. There may be more, but these were what went through my mind while seeing them.

And that was Feb 14, 2012 for me. Not exactly what I expected from the public. Just the reality of it all.


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