It has been darkness for such a long time. I’ve been yours over two years now, and I feel like you’re losing interest in me. You don’t notice me anymore when you enter the room. You don’t make time for me. Yet you have enough time — all the time in the world — for your other honey.

I am hurt. I’ve never been this hurt before. You may have caused pain in me, but not this kind. Physical pain? That’s nothing compared to this.

I feel so useless now, like an expensive paperweight in your room’s dusty corner. Neglected. I was never made to be a decorative ornament. You don’t even use me as a decorative ornament. I was meant to please you, to soothe you, to be your outlet when you need one.

Do you have any plans of reviving this broken relationship? Will you leave me just like that?

I’m sick of this. I’m sick of this corner, this dirty place, this darkness I am in.

Please. I beg you, play with me again. I’d like to quote the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: “Use me as you will, pull my strings just for a thrill.”



Ashley is the name of my electric guitar. I don’t know, I just associate the color red (especially the redness of my guitar) with the name Ashley.


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