Maybe I made all the wrong moves. Again. Wrong moves, wrong  time, wrong place.

Maybe I overthunk again, that’s why I made those wrong moves. That’s why I had wrong thoughts which led to those wrong moves.

Or maybe my thoughts could be right. The way I see things, I MIGHT have the right interpretation. But you say I shouldn’t see it that way. And so do others. It’s easy to trust my gut, not that easy to trust others. I don’t know who/what to heed.

Maybe this is all planned. I hope this is all planned. I hope this is all just a set up for something big, something nice. Something that will greatly counteract the effect this whole ruckus had on me.

Maybe this is a message I’m being sent here, to do something more. To take my act to the next level. Then I ask “Why?” Why go this route? Why not take another way? Why make me doubt?

There are many more questions in my mind right now. Do I bring this up? Do I keep it to myself? What changed? Why? What exactly is going on?

There are many more questions in my mind, some already formed, some still disorganized, others which cannot be expressed through words.

Questions I can’t put to words, but questions I feel inside me.

Questions I want, I pray, to be answered. And soon.


3 responses to “Questions

  1. *siiigh* Some questions prolly aren’t meant to be answered. Maybe they’re meant to trigger something to happen, or to not happen. In the end, it all lies on you~ >:)

  2. Nabobother ako sa “overthunk” huhuhu

    (I feel like you’re overthinking overthinking, my friend lalalala but I get not knowing what to do at this point and I guess naaao it all lies in laying your trust somewhere somehow.)

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