The Day I Knew I Passed the UPCAT

Where were you when you found out you passed the entrance exam of your dream college?

Lunch time just ended. It was English time. My classmates and I started going back to Senior E’s classroom. As usual, everyone was talking to someone, laughing, chatting, whatever. It was a fun room, a fun class.

It was a rule to not go to the comfort room immediately after lunch. Mostly it was followed by students and teachers. But this time it was different. Our teacher was kind. This time he allowed me. This was about 25 minutes after the period began. I excused myself from class to go to the restroom.

I didn’t really do my business. I didn’t pee, didn’t defecate. I did those things during lunch break, just as I always do. And I don’t always excuse myself to go to the restroom right after lunch. That just doesn’t fit  my personality. I do things in their appropriate times.

But today was different. Today was a day out of the norm. I don’t know why but there was just something different about that day.

I entered the restroom and, just washed my hands and my face. Then I decided to check my cellphone, to see if anyone texted me.

1 message received displayed my phone. Cool, I thought to myself.

It was a text from my father. I wonder why he texted me. He doesn’t usually text me during class hours, especially at 1pm. This must be something important.

“Yahooooo! Pumasa ka sa UP! Congrats!”

And in my excitement, I shouted in the restroom! I pumped my fist once, and placed it in my mouth to contain my excitement!

And immediately, I ran back to the classroom. No kidding, I really ran.

I went in and I think it was obvious in my body language what just happened. I smacked my friend in the back. “My dad texted me! Pumasa ako sa UP!” struggling to contain myself. I had an involuntary smile on my face — no it wasn’t just a smile, a grin — which said it all.

And pretty soon the class was congratulating me. Except for one person. She passed the UPCAT too, but she wasn’t happy about it. Just because she didn’t get into her first choice. She wasn’t just plain unhappy, she was crying unhappy. And apparently, my celebration just made her even sadder. It didn’t help that I was sitting right behind her.

Other students knew they passed the UPCAT by checking the website. Others went to UP to check the hard copy of the results and look for their names. Or if not that, they asked their friends who were in UP to check for them.

Well, I was different. I found out I passed the UPCAT in the bathroom.

Told you this day was out of the norm.


2 responses to “The Day I Knew I Passed the UPCAT

  1. (Successful) UPCAT stories are the best!!!!!! Hihi. Mine also involved my father. But it was at dawn. Like, 1am-ish. And when we found out, he got me lasagna out of nowhere!

    Anyway, remembering the day you found out you passed the UPCAT (esp if UP’s your dream school!) just makes you feel the same happiness all over again! Therefore I congratulate you! Congratulations for passing the UPCAT!!!!! Wooh hahaha let’s be worthy scholars of the nation, yes? Haha!

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