Family Involvement? But Why? Hmm..

I was in the SM Mall of Asia. I knew I was. Strangely, the room I was in looked EXACTLY like my room here at home. Only it was probably twice as big, or more. Plus the bed was bigger, queen-sized. But everything else was the same. I just am clueless why my room was in MOA.

SHE was in the room with me. At first it was just the two of us. Then all of a sudden, our Finance committee VP appears, sitting on the left side of the bed, near the pillows. SHE and I were on the bed, just talking. After a while, I moved closer. I attempted to put my arm around her waist, sort of hug her. But she pulled away suddenly. That was her ticklish spot, I remembered. Because of this, she fell from the bed, a little in front of where our FinComm VP was seated.

And we were laughing about it. And I see her beautiful smile.

And on the side, the FinComm VP was just there, laughing demurely at what was going on.

I helped HER get up, but again, she avoided me, and rolled on the bed, over to the right foot side of the bed. She lay down with her hands resting at the back of her head, with both legs bent, as if preparing to kick me. She was wearing a teal-colored dress. She had that smile on her face, that evil playful smile. Yeah, we were fooling around.

I felt the urge to go to the washroom. I went out and, since we were in MOA, I asked the guard where the restroom was. “Sa labas!” he answered in a pissed off tone. So I went out. Couldn’t find it. Decided to go back to my room. Lingered. Then I went out again, looked, can’t find, went back and lingered. Repeat one more time.

When I went out again, I saw stairs, which were REALLY tight, it was hard to climb. It reminded me of the caves in Mt. Banahaw. When I finally got to climb, someone talked to me. “Mukhang pawis na pawis ka ah,” my cousin, Kuya Tom said. He and MJ were there. I went to the bathroom to pee.

I don’t remember what happened next. I think SHE went there as well and we just hung out there.


Yesterday, I had another dream. I was in Mama’s house in Project 8. SHE was there with me. So was the rest of my father side family. It wasn’t a formal event, but I was wearing a long-sleeve polo. And SHE was there with me, though I don’t remember what she wore.

I don’t remember much that happened, but we were both shy. It was kinda awkward. I don’t know what the event was, but I’m guessing I introduced HER to my family for the first time.


Well, this is different. That’s two consecutive days where I’ve dreamt of HER and my family is present (my cousin in the dream earlier, an entire side of family in the other). Does this mean something? Or is it just mere coincidence?


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