The Day St. Augustine was Discussed in Class

Soc Sci II class always gives me the nerves. And why not, when every meeting, there is a chance the index card with my name and photo will be drawn, and I stand and recite.

Last Friday (January 6), my two groupmates and I were “on deck”, meaning we were the ones who must recite for the day. As for the questions, all will come from St. Augustine’s work, City of God.

I had no problem with the work. I had a problem with the length. Oh it wasn’t too long. I mean, it was only 22 BOOKS LONG, with each book containing around 30 chapters. It was LONG. And by Thursday night, I still haven’t started. And I figured, even if I stayed up all night, I wouldn’t be able to read the entire thing.

I tried my best to read as many summaries as possible, but I wasn’t confident. The summaries online aren’t complete. I knew there would be parts which won’t appear in the summaries. It drove me insane that night, that I had to wake up really early Friday morning to continue reading.

I left our house with a nervous feeling. I wasn’t confident at all. I tried my best to think positively, that the little that I read will be the answers to the questions to be thrown at me.

During lunch time, right before class time, I re-read SparkNotes, or at least what it can provide me about City of God. Plus the 2 or 3 other tabs I opened about City of God. And so I went to class, along the way discussing the reading with my classmate and orgmate Mel. I silently said a prayer.

It was answered. I felt it.

When I was asked to recite, the questions were things I read about, multiple times, that I knew the answer to it. It was easier than expected. I was asked about the Creation story in the Bible, Adam and Eve’s story, things I read about. Though there were questions asked which I was clueless about, they were significantly less than the last time we were “on deck”. That was a train wreck.

I don’t think it was coincidence that relatively easy questions came to me. Had I arrived a few minutes earlier, I would have been asked the questions asked to my other groupmate, which I don’t think I’ll be able to answer. Had I not decided to read early that morning, I would have known less about the topics. There were just to0 many coincidences that it’s hard to owe it all to fate; maybe to faith.

And how timely is it that we had a saint as our topic. That whole day just fit together so well.


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