Missing (part 2)

I like it when people miss me. It gives me the idea that there is someone out there who wants to see me. No, it’s not just an idea. It’s the truth. Someone misses me because the person wants to see me, or be with me, whichever.

And during a time like this, an extended period where chances of seeing each other are low, the ‘missing’ is most likely a two-way thing. He/she misses you, you miss him/her as well. But the Christmas break gets in the way, and so you don’t see each other.

And so you miss each other more. Then you see a tweet, a Facebook status, a photo, a blog entry, a video. Then you visit their Facebook page, their Twitter page, their blog site, just to see what they’re up to.

And you text them. And you tweet them. And you talk to them and realize that nothing beats being with them personally.

And so you miss each other more.

Which can be a good thing.

The saying says “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” The more you miss a person, the more anticipation builds up within. The more you look forward to seeing each other. The more you look forward to being with each other.

And finally the day comes. You see each other after a while. And you talk as if you haven’t in months, or years. And you spend hours with each other. Even if you were just separated for a little over two weeks.

And yes, I’m missing someone right now.


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