Prayer Is Powerful And Can Take Effect Instantly

(all this happened yesterday, November 4 afternoon, around 1:30-3:00 pm)

The day wasn't getting any younger. My legs were getting wearier and wearier by the minute. It wasn't a pleasant day. All my friends had made progress with enrolling while my partly crumpled Form 5A was still the way it was when I printed it: 9 units enlisted, 9 more to go. With two crucial subjects still pending, I waited for their approval. And waited. And waited.

I decided to go to the Faculty Center to look for a class – whether GE  or elective – to enlist in. I had no clue, absolutely none, as to what class I would take.

Then I got a text from my mother, saying that I should use the power of prayer. And so I did because that was all I can do at that moment.

I prayed that God lead me to the right path, the right building, to show me which hallways I should walk, which departments I should check, which lines I should queue up in. I went to the Faculty Center. I scoured the entire first floor. Then the entire second floor. Then the entire third floor. My friend texted and suggested a class for me, but I said I was going to take a chance with Psych 101. I went all the way back down and walked a long, long way to the Palma Hall Annex where the Psychology Department is housed.

I got there just as the raffle ended. I had to wait for the next, but right now I didn't have the luxury of waiting. I continued praying to Him. I found myself going back to the Faculty Center.

This time, I decided to take my time. Once again, I went around the first floor, reading the lists posted on the walls. On one sheet of paper was the list of rooms to go to to enlist in a particular field or subject. I was reading through it and one particular subject lit up and caught my attention: speculative thought. I actually read this list the first time I went here but didn't see that class. I decided to check it out.

I followed the room number listed. It led me to the Philosophy Department. I settled down and fell in line. Eventually I got a subject enlisted and I moved a step closer to having the minimum number of units (15).

I believe deep in my heart that God brought me there, to that list on the wall, and He made me see that class, those two words, He made them glow and made all the other words a blur, irrelevant. I believe He orchestrated everything I did during that tiring 60+ minutes of walking to get to that point.

But what strikes me the most about it? The time it took for my prayers to take effect. Or maybe that's just how all prayers work. The moment you ask for it, God arranges your world to make something happen. It may seem like nothing's happening, but in reality, something already IS happening. What one experiences may be a part of God's answer to the prayer. All the walking I did, all the frustration I had? Those were part of God's plan.

One thing I realized was that prayer really is a powerful tool. Go and pray now. You'll never know how quickly you may get what you ask for.


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