Bench Warmer

The basketball court was clean, it was ready to be played on, but there weren’t any players. The long benches were prepared by the sidelines, but there weren’t any players. The bleachers were cleaned up for the fans to watch the game, but there wasn’t a game to be played.

Instead, it was just…that. A basketball court, a venue for playing basketball. There wasn’t anything, though, which was happening. No players on the court, no ball bouncing, no sound echoing. Nothing.

Except for two people, one guy and one girl, sitting on one bench beside each other. I was the guy, seated on the right side of the girl. The girl? Well, this isn’t the first time.

The atmosphere was pretty gloomy. It wasn’t very dark, but it’s too dark to play proper basketball in. You know the movie scenes where the actor wakes up in the middle of a bad dream? Those scenes have this bluish or purple-ish lightjng, right? That was how the court was lighted.

I was sitting beside her, feeling a little sleepy. Maybe because it was after enrollment and I was really tired from all the walking that I did. I inched to my right a little, away from her, and made a move to lie down on her lap. It felt very comfortable. And it felt like I could really sleep on her lap right then and there. But the best was yet to come.

I was lying down for some time already when I felt her hand touch me on my right cheek. As soon as I felt the touch, I slowly felt a smile creeping it’s way on to my face. It just felt really good.

Then with my right hand, I gently grabbed her right hand, removed it from my cheek, and tucked it in. Since I was lying sideways, hugged her hand, took it in and kissed it, smile still on my face. I went to sleep with her hand clasped with mine.

And it was one of the best sleeps I’ve ever experienced.

Of course this was just a dream. But as soon as I woke up from this dream, which was pretty early (around 6 am), I felt good about it. It seemed so real. And I really wish it were real.


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