An Ode (a poem)

*(written a few days ago)

Your beauty lights up

  a thousand darknesses
The way a match illuminates a room
The way perfume attracts the periphery.
A beauty unlike any other

Your voice the sound of a six-string
in perfect harmony:
lovely yet simple yet
special like a greatest hit.
A voice unlike any other

Your eyes, sleepy as they may seem
Strength seeps through my bones
each time I see
those pretty little jewels
peering through windows.
Eyes unlike any other

Best of all, that smile
which tells me you're okay
which sends stars laying
prostrate in homage.
That thin smile 
curved like a river
showing treasure pearls.
A smile unlike any other

No words can describe you
Precisely, exactly.
Words are just words
And words aren't enough,
never enough
To describe

The only you
The perfect you


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