The Dream Date Has Come

I like this girl. Really beautiful. And she comes from the province where all women come from.

I’ve been wanting to make a move in this girl, but just can’t find the right timing. I want to get her alone. Problem is she’s always with someone. There just hasn’t been any chance to get to her. All that changed in a heartbeat.

A great majority of the people have gone and there were just a few of us left. I inched my way towards her, joining the group after being on the outside looking in the whole time. Talk, talk, fun, fun. Umalis na kayo, dali na,” I thought to myself, so we can be alone. Finally the group shrank and shrank some more.

Ayun. Kaming dalawa na lang. Finally. Sa tinagal-tagal kong makuha ‘tong pagkakataong ‘to, dumating din.

So we talked. And talked. And talked some more.

“Labas tayo,” sabi ko sa kanya.

“Sige ba. Kelan?” sagot naman niya.

“Hmm, gusto mo ngayon na?”

“Sure,” sagot niya, sabay ngiti.

Syempre, I got excited. From being an observer, naging participant na ‘ko. That’s progress for you.

So we went out. It was already night time. Her white off-shoulder top shone through the dark night. We were sitting on steps in front of a shop. Since it was already late, the store was already closed. We just hung out in front of the shop, our backs leaning against the steel. She sat at my left, with her right arm brushing against my left arm. It was like a dream come true for me.

I thought to myself, I want to hold her hand. Maybe I should try. She had her arm straight, with her hands on her lap and her denim-wearing legs straight. I assumed the same position. Then I tried it: using my left hand, I placed it under her right and played with it like it was a ball I was lightly tossing up and down. For about ten or fifteen times I bounced it.

After the last, I gently placed my hand on her lap and let her hand fall into mine. I clasped my fingers with hers, held it.

“Sana hindi siya mag-move away,” I thought to myself.

One…two…three seconds on and she still hasn’t moved away. At the corner of my eye, I saw a small upward curve draw itself on her face. Alright. A few seconds later I felt her fingers gripping mine as well. She’s holding my hand too!

Afterwards, I saw her move her head to lean on my T-shirt shoulder sleeve. Soon as it touched, bam! Something hit me. I think I was knocked out.

I woke up after a nanosecond of being unconscious. My head was on soft ground. The air was cold. The room was dark. It felt familiar, like I’ve been to that place loads of times before.

I was back in my room. Everything was just a dream. ARGH.


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