The Father and The Cake

I'm the type of person who gets irritated easily when commuting, especially in the MRT, when it can get really packed and cramped. More often than not, I'd be wearing a frown on my face during these tight instances. It really gets annoying when people bump into me with their bags, or stand so close to me that I could feel their sweat from under their shirt.

One day I was on my way home. The MRT was almost full. When it reached the Cubao station, it immediately became full, almost overflowing. The following station, Santolan, a man came in bringing a big Goldilocks box and stood near the doors for lack of other options. I found it really annoying that he will bring such a big box to such a tight space. I started thinking to myself, "Ano ba naman. Ang sikip-sikip magdadala ng ganyang kahon." I saw him having a hard time with it as people enter and exit the train, so I thought, "Ayan kasi, magdadala dala ng ganyang kahon. E di nahirapan ka."

I tend to notice and get annoyed at little things like this. And I really was annoyed with this guy. Because, really, if I had a box that big, I wouldn't ride the MRT.

What I saw next, though, I wasn't ready for.

When passengers alighted at the Guadalupe station, a seat became available, and the man wisely went for the seat (although, as expected, he had a tough time going to the seat). The man sat down. I saw the top of the box. There was a candle that says "1" on it. It was a birthday cake for the first birthday of his child.

The moment I saw this, I felt so ashamed of myself. He wasn't a dumb commuter. He was a loving father. He probably took a part of his paycheck to buy the cake, since I think that was a payday. Based on looks, he doesn't make a whole lot. He probably was a factory worker earning just a little over minimum wage.

But despite this, he still found a way to buy something for his child's first birthday, a cake.

After all this, all the annoyance I was feeling was replaced by a heartwarming feeling. I looked at the man and I couldn't help but smile. He was doing a fatherly gesture for his child.

After this realization, I just prayed for him. I prayed to God to bless the man as he makes his way home to his child, to protect him from harm or any accident. And I also thanked the Lord for giving that child a wonderful blessing in the form of his/her father.


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