Making A Way

I was thinking of how I would go about things. September 25, the last Sunday of the month, the Final Rites of UP Journalism Club was scheduled. Also, a caring circle was on tap. They both were events I can't miss because I've been looking forward to them since they were first announced without a date.

Then one good news came: the UAAP Cheerdance Competition was moved to, instead of September 18, September 17. As a reactionary move, the FR was also moved, this time to the 18th. Amazing!

Now, instead of having to choose one or the other, I can go to both.

I remember praying for these things to happen, because it is in little things like this that I feel God's presence. Because it is little things like this that we experience more often in life.

Last summer, I went to 99.5 RT's booth in Paragon Plaza along EDSA. Before entering, for security reasons, my ID was left at the lobby. After around four to five hours staying there, I already had to go home. I dashed straight for the MRT because I was really hungry already. I was already close to my destination when suddenly, I felt in my pocket that my ID was still in Paragon. Naturally, I went back.

To make things worse, it was enrollment the following day and I need my ID.

After that whole fiasco, I was reflecting on it and immediately thanked God. Before leaving, I was deciding whether to ride the bus straight home or ride the MRT to Ayala, then ride the bus from there. Had I chosen to go the bus-all-the-way route, I would've not been able to go back easily. Plus, I had to pay the fare from Boni to Alabang.

But I chose to ride the train. God made things work for my good. The decision to ride the MRT made me remember to check my pocket and see that my ID was still in Paragon. If I rode the bus, I would've remembered probably only when I got home.

Now I've got to decide whether to watch the Zobel-Ateneo game on Saturday or to go to the Youth Prayer Meeting. Maybe God has another trick up His sleeve for me this weekend.


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