10 Years of Harry Potter Isn’t Enough For A Muggle Like Me

 Their kids hopped on the train at Platform 9 3/4 right after they said their goodbyes and well-wishes. The kids were excited and well on their way to a bright future ahead of them.

Then the train doors closed, and all the parents on the platform were waving to their kids, who were also waving goodbye back at them. Smiles were dominant.

Finally, the train set off. On the right part of the screen was the sign "9 3/4", while the train was on the left of the frame, moving towards Hogwarts. And on the platform, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter, and Mr. and Mrs. Ron Weasley looked on, watching the train sail away into the distance.

It was 19 years after they went to, and fought for, Hogwarts one last time.

But watching that scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 wasn’t just a regular flash forward clip. It was symbolic for me.

I saw myself as one of the four characters, now parents, in the platform. Looking at it now, I just realized that, more than half my life, Harry Potter flicks were the constant thing I always eagerly waited for. From 2002 (yeah, I became a Potter fan later than most), when I first read the saga, I always tried to see the new HP movie in the cinema.

I was a kid when I got my first taste of the Harry Potter fever. Now, I’m 19 when it all ends.

Watching the last, the ultimate, and the best movie in the series, I felt like Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione watching that Hogwarts train depart. 
They were watching their children leave, I was watching 10 years of my life end.
A decade of Harry Potter, for a child of the Harry Potter generation, will never seem enough.