Death Do Us Part

 What if the world you lived in wasn’t real? If the computer you’re where you’re reading this from, that chair you’re sitting on, that car parked outside, you bed, what if they were all part of this long and complex dream called life? All the music you hear, the noise, the non-noise, the snoring, what if they were all an illusion?

What if this thing we call life is just a decades-long sleep we’re in, and the only thing that will wake us up from this dream is death?

Death has always fascinated me. I’ve always thought of how it would be like to be dead, or how people will react when they know I died, or who would go to my wake and funeral, and what people would say about me. I’ve always wondered if there really is a gateway to heaven, or a stairway to heaven. Or if there really is a heaven.

If this life as we know it is just a dream, then what could reality be? Is it better than this? Is it worse?

But what’s more important is how people will act. If we all knew right now that this life is nothing but a dream, maybe crime rates will triple since everyone will think, "Hey, this life is nothing. Might as well do what I want to." Those with revenge on their minds will not hesitate to pick a gun up, aim it at their enemy, and pull the trigger. Bang. Game over. Revenged dished out. Consequences, nil.

And if the youth knew that this is all a dream, who will need to study? That will be a waste of time and money, especially college.

But those who know better won’t be doing all those acts. Like I said, death will wake us up, eventually.

Who would want to in disarray before death comes?


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