The Filipino Name

 I had my first taste of Broadcast Communication 100 this afternoon. To start the semester, our professor, as is the ritual in any class, wanted to know our names. But since asking for names is too boring, she decided to add something more interesting: she wanted to know how our names came to be, or rather, why did our parents give our current names to us.

What I heard from my classmates didn’t really shock me, but rather, it struck me. It was an eye-opener.

From the lucky student who introduced herself first (I forgot her name. I don’t even know if the student is a he or a she.) to the last pupil, one thing was clear to me: Filipinos’ religiosity is unmistakable. Those with names like Gabriel or Michael, their parents got the label from the archangels in the Bible. Those girls with Maria in their first names, those were taken from Mama Mary’s name. There was a Daniel, a Sarah, and an Ezekiel, all Biblical figures.

The first eight to ten students had names like above. I was starting to think I was in a religion class after all the explanations given by the students.

Some were also named after historical religious figures like Teresa (I assumed it was from Mother Teresa), or in my case, Lorenzo, from the first Filipino saint San Lorenzo Ruiz.

I knew Filipinos were religious, but I didn’t think there really were A LOT of  "holy" names floating all around me.

If only our religiosity can translate into political and economical stability.


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