The ugly end to a partially-great weekend

 The sun has set and the moon was already visible. Filipino time never fails to show itself. We were scheduled to leave Tarlac at 5 pm, which I figured isn’t possible. I expected a 6 pm departure time. Filipino time e.

It was 8 pm. I was tired. I was hungry. I was sweaty. I was sleepy. There were still no signs of the jeeps we would be riding back to UP.

Mom called and suggested we just stay for the night and leave very early in the morning, when it would be much safer. But since we’ve already cleaned up, it was a no.

Finally the jeepneys arrived. I remember it was 8:12 when I texted my mom that transportation has finally arrived. It was 8:30 before we left the venue. I think they were checking the jeeps for any engine defects or whatever.

After a long and tight wait, we finally started moving. Barely a kilometer after we started moving, the most fucked up thing happened: all the jeeps stopped at a nearby eatery. AND ATE DINNER. They were 3 hours late, and they still had the nerve to eat dinner, something they could have done before they came and picked us up.

15-30 minute passed, the drivers came back, and my head was 100 degrees Celsius hot. I was furious. I was listening intently to the discussion and the tongue-lashing my professor was giving the drivers. Apparently, the assholes drivers were supposed to be at the venue by 4 pm. And they arrived at 8. This made my blood reach boiling point.

By the time we finally started moving, I was in a bad mood, I was irate, and the girls beside me were trying to calm me down. Nope. It won’t work.

Especially because after a few minutes, something happened to the engine of one of the jeeps. And since it was a convoy, the 3 rides had to stop and wait for each other.

They fixed the shit. We passed by a Shell gas station because our jeep had to gas up. While filling, the driver asked those on the left side to stand up. Apparently it will help in the filling up. WTF?? I’ve ridden in a full jeep before, and never have I experienced some driver asking passengers to stand up while the vehicle is gassing up.

We left the station. A few minutes later, mom texted me, asking if we would be taking the SCTEX. Logically, I asked my professor. She told me to ask Godson, one of us who was sitting beside the drivers. "Kung saan niyo gusto, dun tayo dadaan," the drivers replied. Sana pala sinabi ko, "Kuya, daan tayo sa langit para walang traffic." He might have followed my command.

We were left guessing. Eventually, the jeep made its way to the SCTEX. Mr. Bad Luck never left us. The lead jeep had a flat tire on the leftmost lane of the highway, the lane used for overtaking. Oh gosh, it was another 20+ minutes of waiting.

We then exited the SCTEX. I thought it was already on the way to the NLEX. But no it was not. Apparently, another jeep had problems. We were stuck there for at least 30 minutes.

Thankfully that was the end of it. We arrived at UP at around 2 am, and I got home at around 2:30. All the time estimates I wrote above, they were kind estimates. They probably took much longer. But yeah, I was really pissed off in the jeep. Was I embarrassed of my actions? No, I had the right to be irate. I was raised in a family that values time. You don’t mess with my time, or I’ll mess with your face.

I immediately slept as soon as I got home, and woke up in a bad mood, still hating on everything that happened.
Usually, the ride going to and from some exposure or trip is the least stressful part of the journey. During this Lakbay Sining 2011, it was the exact opposite. The jeep rides going to and from Tarlac were doubtlessly the worst ever.
I want a partial refund of the 1k we paid. Don’t get me started on the food.