Fourteen years ago, I remember seeing my grandfather watching TV at night, primetime. Of course it was a teleserye he was watching; what else is on at that time on a local TV station anyway?

It still is in my memory seeing Claudine Barretto and the late Rico Yan gracing the TV screen, while the people in the room were watching intently. I was four years young, I barely knew anything. I only remember these images.

That teleserye was "Mula Sa Puso".

From the time it was originally shown, that grandfather of mine had died, Rico Yan had died  because of cardiac arrest due to acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis (Wikipedia), my grandmother had joined my grandpa in heaven, Claudine’s face was remade countless of times, Claudine got married, I graduated high school, and I’m on my way to completing my freshman year in college.

It’s old enough to be remade.

Which means I am at the mercy of Father Time. Which means I’m getting old.



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