Here’s a poem I wrote for my Creative Writing class. This isn’t exactly what I submitted. I revised it a bit, but it’s still pretty much the same poem.

Sunday, 3pm

Press the button.

   Kris Aquino runs her mouth
   (Like she does every Sunday)

   Lebron James shoots,
   He –
   (replay of yesterday’s game)

   Oh my gosh, Katy Perry’s –
   (replay of last night’s show)

   Two passenger planes crashed this mor –
   (I don’t feel like hearing bad news)

   Ely Buendia announces a possible reun –
   (replay of last night’s show)

   Bla bla, K-pop once ag –

   Ooh, American Idol, but –
   (replay of last Thursday’s)

   The Godfather! The greatest
    movie. The greatest
    actor, Al Pacino.
    But the credits are rolling so –

   Paris Hilton’s body is unbelievably th –
   (I just can’t look at it)

   A John Lloyd movie, but he’ll remind –
   (replay of last night)

   Mmm, sweet n’ sour pork.
    And Kris Aquino demos how to co –
    What?! But she can’t –
    (I’m sick of this girl)




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