Love Letter Writing Contest Entry

As promised, here’s the entry I submitted to the UP Writers Club. I really hope this wins. 3k, 2k, 1k, I don’t really care. I just wanna win.

To my one and only honeybee,

Another day has passed, another day I don’t see you. The last time we were together you held my hand and grasped it tightly, like you never wanted to let go of it again.

Then you guided my hand to your silky smooth hair. It was so soft. You weren’t kidding when you said you had angel’s hair. I feel fortunate to be in love with an angel, and even more fortunate that an angel loves me back.

That was February 14, almost 365 days ago. That was also our second anniversary.

Valentines’ day is approaching. I hope we can make it just like last year.

When we were in each other’s arms, cuddling.

When I was tracing your body’s smooth outline, stroking it with a feather’s touch.

When you kissed me on the nose.

When I kissed you on your chin when I was aiming for your lips.

When you told me you were enjoying every single moment when we weren’t even doing anything: just sitting under the tree while you were resting your head on the left side of my chest, listening to my heart beat.

And you swore you heard your name emanate from my heart’s chambers.

When I held my hand out to feel your heartbeat but instead felt something much softer. Then I heard the cutest thing in the world: your giggle.

Then you drew me closer, you pulled me in. Your natural aroma caressed my nose. And you made the butterflies in my stomach flitter around like no one else ever has.

Then we were close enough, our bodies were close enough, for us to smell each other’s breaths. Close enough that I can feel your nose rub with mine. Close enough that I get cross-eyed when I stare at you. Close enough to let our lips do what our bodies were doing. And for our tongues to do even more.

But I was blind then. Blinded by your love. Blinded by your beauty.

Blinded by birth defect.

BUT I CAN SEE NOW! What you said about the world is true. It really is beautiful.

But I know I still haven’t seen the most beautiful of all that God created.

That’s why I’m looking forward to seeing you for the first time…

Lovingly yours,


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