Oh My —

What if the world had a superhero? Or superheroes? And what about the supervillains to counter them?

Will the world really be a better place?

In movies and comic books, they fight evil forces: terrorists, criminals. They save people from the clutches of the dark side.

Superheroes in movies are also portrayed to be conspicuous. The common people do not know the hero’s real identity. They never find out, and the hero never reveals it (aside from Iron Man, who told the truth in a press conference). They never know that they walk beside him every day, or that they always share the elevator with him, or serve him coffee, or answer his questions, or shout at him. They don’t know, and they won’t know.

Doesn’t that make God a superhero? He fights evil, He saves people from the dark’s clutches.

And we also don’t see him, we don’t recognize him. That jeepney driver you just flipped off might be God, that waiter you humiliated might be God. That friend you spend every lunch time with, may be God in disguise. The one sitting beside you in Philosophy class, or your professor, may be God.

Why do people ask for a superhero when we already have God — or Allah or whoever you believe in — in the world?


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