"Tumatanggap nga ng pera, titiketan pa rin naman ako," said the bus driver to an MMDA police friend of his during the bus ride home.

Immediately, I saw that the problem of corruption is very widespread. It’s not just the officials, but the lower-ranked workers as well. Just like a weed won’t stop growing till you eliminate from the root up, corruption won’t stop unless everything — or rather, everyone — gets overhauled, from the lowest government workers up to the President.

Though that may help, it is easier said than done. Those who will replace them may also have corrupt inclinations.

I think the problem — the root of it all — is the mentality of people. Notice how commuters almost never line up for a ride; it’s always a stampede to the nearest PUV. See how buses on EDSA swerve left and right, in and out of the yellow lane as if a bus is as small as a sedan. As much as I hate to say it, many still have a "Me first" mentality, which leads to something as small yet annoying as not falling in line, to something as far-reaching as corruption.

Let’s burn the roots and eliminate this stuff. It cripples the country, without a doubt.


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