I went to sleep wearing a pair of bottoms I always use when at home, a red, white, and blue pair which resembles basketball shorts. When I woke up, however, I had worn a pair of shorts I frequently use when going out; the only thing missing, however, was underwear. I never go out without underwear.

Upon waking up, I never really noticed it, but it just felt so different. Thinking about this strange event more, a thought came to mind: "Buti na lang hindi naipit yung ulo."

That’s when I realized that maybe I do sleepwalk.

We all know what happens during sleepwalking. Obviously, during sleep, you walk. This characterizes sleepwalking or somnambulism. But not only that, of course. During this stage (if we can call it that) of sleep, a person also does activities like cooking, talking, driving, changing clothes (in my case), or writing songs (in a particular singer’s case. I forgot who. I think it was Michelle Branch?).

Prior to the shorts-changing incident/craziness I underwent, I actually was having a dream. In my fantasy, I was in my room looking through my pile of casual shorts in the leftmost cabinet. I was about to leave for something. I settled with my brown shorts with red and blue stripes. That was all I can remember from the dream and it was a bit hazy. I don’t think even my brain didn’t have recollection what that dream exactly was all about until I woke up.

This, however, might not really be my first sleep walking experience I had. One time, sleeping in my parents’ room (because it’s air-conditioned). The only thing turned on at this time was the air conditioner in the room. I slept tightly and comfortably. But when i woke up, Mom asked me why I switched on the electric fan in the room. I never knew about it. I never even remembered whether I turned it on or not. I never thought it was sleep walking in my part, I thought maybe one of them (my bro and my mom) turned the fan on.

Until I had this latest experience. I never expected it, but I sleepwalk.

I’m planning to install a CCTV camera in my bedroom to monitor my actions when I’m asleep. But Paranormal Activity 2 came to mind. I might see myself floating in the air or being visited by entities.

So never mind.


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