"A happy worker is a productive worker"

I read this statement recently in a Yahoo! article and, with the recent event that transpired, I can say I’ve proven this statement true.

Not very long ago, I found out my final grades for two of my subjects. These two subjects happen to be at extremes: one the subject I loved throughout the sem, the other the one I can’t wait to get rid of: Philo 10 and Kas 1, respectively. I had my highest grade of the semester with the former, and the lowest with the latter. I can’t say I never expected it to be like this earlier. Somehow I did.

I expected that crap of a subject Kas 1 to be my lowest grade, and why not? It’s pure history, and history just doesn’t go well with me. History and I are like oil and water, like Kobe and Shaq: we just won’t mix. Not that I have a problem with history of anything. If I like the topic, I’d like its history (the NBA’s history, for example, or Guns N Roses’). But Philippine history is boring. BORING. I wasn’t happy, so I wasn’t productive either.

On the other hand, I didn’t expect a very high mark in Philo 10, but I was enjoying that subject all throughout the semester. There never was a dull moment in that class and despite the perennially-late start each class has, I still learned heaps and loads from it. Through all the requirements given to us, I never complained at all, because I found them useful and reasonable, unlike in Kas 1 where it’s readings-with-deep-English-or-Tagalog after readings-with-deep-English-or-Tagalog, but will only be used for a single meeting. In Philo, we had a textbook — an interesting one at that — and that’s all she wrote. It’s very comprehensible, without using language employed by my ancestors.

Surely, there would be more opportunities and classes wherein I would feel the way I felt for these two classes I mentioned. And when they do, I’ll be ready for them.

And the current moments, I’ll cherish them. They might not come along as easily anymore.


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