A Dream (I hope) Come(s) True

This, so far has been one of the best dreams I’ve ever had.

 I was in an assignment with my friend Danban. It was some sort of security job for a band or artist that was having a concert here in the country. At this time, we didn’t know who exactly would be performing. It was a one-night-only performance and whoever was coming was scheduled to arrive only in the afternoon right before the show.

So my friend and I were at the airport waiting for these people. We weren’t that excited honestly.

Then they emerged. Five figures looking like rockstars are approaching us. One of them especially looked familiar. I always watch this guy’s videos on YouTube! And now he’s here! I recognized the curly puffy hair almost like an afro, the shades, the top hat.

It was SLASH. And with him were Myles Kennedy, his touring band’s vocalist, and the rest of the band.

It was an amazing feeling to be working for my idol.

Fast forward to a little later. Everyone of us were in, of all places, my grandparents’ house. I don’t know where I came from, but I made my way to the kitchen. To  my surprise both Slash and Myles Kennedy were there. Myles was sitting on a stool and leaning on the wall. Asleep. Slash, meanwhile, was on the opposite end of the table, lying down on 2 or 3 stools side-by-side, with his legs in a figure-four position, and his head hanging down one stool. "Damn, these guys are wasted," I thought to myself. I went back to the living room to tell my friend about this, but he was already headed for the kitchen. He also saw it. Then we left the area.

After a while, I went back again to the kitchen to check on Myles and Slash. There were quite a number of people in the kitchen surrounding them. It turns out they were signing autographs! I started thinking, "Where do I make them sign? My shirt? A paper?" Then it hit me. I should’ve brought my Slash autobiography and CD. But no worries. I decided to just let him sign on the blue notebook I have in my school bag (why I have my school bag, I have no idea). So I got the notebook and an idea came to mind: why don’t I get a video of him greeting me and show it to the world that I have met Slash?

I went back to the kitchen, and there was this guy, Magajes, wearing black, who was playing in front of Slash, but the former had his back turned for some strange reason. I made a move. I approached Slash, put my phone on the table and opened the cap of my pen and turned the page of my notebook. "Hi, I’m Enzo! And I’m a reaaaaaaly big fan! Oh my god, I am so fucking starstruck right now!" I said with wide eyes and with blood flowing fast, with arms moving around. The excitement was really there!
"You are like the Stephen King of music, man," I added, and the rest of the people in the room reacted to it with murmurs, "Wow, Stephen King, that’s pretty good."

After signing my notebook, he watched Magajes play some more. Slash was still watching the back of the guitarist. Moments later, I again talked to Slash, "Hey sir, uh, can I get a video of you greeting me on cam?"

"Uh, no. I can’t," he said firmly and with a disgusted look in his face. Then he walked away from the kitchen. He was tall. His afro was touching the top of the doorway.

So I thought maybe he just doesn’t want having random videos of himself everywhere that’s why he didn’t want a video. And maybe it was already show time that’s why he left quickly. Maybe that was also why they were a bit high.

I was turned down. I was disappointed. But who cares? I got to work for him, I got to shake his hand, I got an autograph from him. I was just wondering why a photo with Slash didn’t cross my mind.


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