"A happy worker is a productive worker"

I read this statement recently in a Yahoo! article and, with the recent event that transpired, I can say I’ve proven this statement true.

Not very long ago, I found out my final grades for two of my subjects. These two subjects happen to be at extremes: one the subject I loved throughout the sem, the other the one I can’t wait to get rid of: Philo 10 and Kas 1, respectively. I had my highest grade of the semester with the former, and the lowest with the latter. I can’t say I never expected it to be like this earlier. Somehow I did.

I expected that crap of a subject Kas 1 to be my lowest grade, and why not? It’s pure history, and history just doesn’t go well with me. History and I are like oil and water, like Kobe and Shaq: we just won’t mix. Not that I have a problem with history of anything. If I like the topic, I’d like its history (the NBA’s history, for example, or Guns N Roses’). But Philippine history is boring. BORING. I wasn’t happy, so I wasn’t productive either.

On the other hand, I didn’t expect a very high mark in Philo 10, but I was enjoying that subject all throughout the semester. There never was a dull moment in that class and despite the perennially-late start each class has, I still learned heaps and loads from it. Through all the requirements given to us, I never complained at all, because I found them useful and reasonable, unlike in Kas 1 where it’s readings-with-deep-English-or-Tagalog after readings-with-deep-English-or-Tagalog, but will only be used for a single meeting. In Philo, we had a textbook — an interesting one at that — and that’s all she wrote. It’s very comprehensible, without using language employed by my ancestors.

Surely, there would be more opportunities and classes wherein I would feel the way I felt for these two classes I mentioned. And when they do, I’ll be ready for them.

And the current moments, I’ll cherish them. They might not come along as easily anymore.


 Beauty has a price to pay.

I am learning that the hard way. I am in the early stages of the quite long process of getting braces, which is why I got three teeth removed, one of which was a very stubborn, hard-to-extract wisdom tooth. And after recovering from the swelling and the pain, I will have the second wisdom tooth taken out, too — and probably repeat this whole process of not being able to eat/smile/speak once again.

Having braces is a way to fix malformed teeth, and having good-looking teeth is akin to looking good. I want to look good, and so I have to have braces on. I never actually thought it would be this hard.

But it is the price I have to pay.

A Dream (I hope) Come(s) True

This, so far has been one of the best dreams I’ve ever had.

 I was in an assignment with my friend Danban. It was some sort of security job for a band or artist that was having a concert here in the country. At this time, we didn’t know who exactly would be performing. It was a one-night-only performance and whoever was coming was scheduled to arrive only in the afternoon right before the show.

So my friend and I were at the airport waiting for these people. We weren’t that excited honestly.

Then they emerged. Five figures looking like rockstars are approaching us. One of them especially looked familiar. I always watch this guy’s videos on YouTube! And now he’s here! I recognized the curly puffy hair almost like an afro, the shades, the top hat.

It was SLASH. And with him were Myles Kennedy, his touring band’s vocalist, and the rest of the band.

It was an amazing feeling to be working for my idol.

Fast forward to a little later. Everyone of us were in, of all places, my grandparents’ house. I don’t know where I came from, but I made my way to the kitchen. To  my surprise both Slash and Myles Kennedy were there. Myles was sitting on a stool and leaning on the wall. Asleep. Slash, meanwhile, was on the opposite end of the table, lying down on 2 or 3 stools side-by-side, with his legs in a figure-four position, and his head hanging down one stool. "Damn, these guys are wasted," I thought to myself. I went back to the living room to tell my friend about this, but he was already headed for the kitchen. He also saw it. Then we left the area.

After a while, I went back again to the kitchen to check on Myles and Slash. There were quite a number of people in the kitchen surrounding them. It turns out they were signing autographs! I started thinking, "Where do I make them sign? My shirt? A paper?" Then it hit me. I should’ve brought my Slash autobiography and CD. But no worries. I decided to just let him sign on the blue notebook I have in my school bag (why I have my school bag, I have no idea). So I got the notebook and an idea came to mind: why don’t I get a video of him greeting me and show it to the world that I have met Slash?

I went back to the kitchen, and there was this guy, Magajes, wearing black, who was playing in front of Slash, but the former had his back turned for some strange reason. I made a move. I approached Slash, put my phone on the table and opened the cap of my pen and turned the page of my notebook. "Hi, I’m Enzo! And I’m a reaaaaaaly big fan! Oh my god, I am so fucking starstruck right now!" I said with wide eyes and with blood flowing fast, with arms moving around. The excitement was really there!
"You are like the Stephen King of music, man," I added, and the rest of the people in the room reacted to it with murmurs, "Wow, Stephen King, that’s pretty good."

After signing my notebook, he watched Magajes play some more. Slash was still watching the back of the guitarist. Moments later, I again talked to Slash, "Hey sir, uh, can I get a video of you greeting me on cam?"

"Uh, no. I can’t," he said firmly and with a disgusted look in his face. Then he walked away from the kitchen. He was tall. His afro was touching the top of the doorway.

So I thought maybe he just doesn’t want having random videos of himself everywhere that’s why he didn’t want a video. And maybe it was already show time that’s why he left quickly. Maybe that was also why they were a bit high.

I was turned down. I was disappointed. But who cares? I got to work for him, I got to shake his hand, I got an autograph from him. I was just wondering why a photo with Slash didn’t cross my mind.

Life In The Fast Lane

The gas pedal feels like a shoe
I can’t take my foot off it
Driving at 120
I wanna stop! Stop this car!
But I wanna go. I’ve got to go!
The trees, a blur
The lights like lines
Of reds, yellows
I’m now at 125

I go too fast, oh!
This guy’s slow.
Overtake left and go faster
Without slowing down
The tires screech
The car flips
It hits the wall
Breaks my neck

And just like that
I’m dead

A Blog Entry To End The Sem

The semester has ended and I can say I’ve completed one sem in UP! Yeah! Of course there were memorable moments during the first 5 months of classes. Here are 5 of those:

Broken Arm

A few days or weeks old in UP and one PE morning, I saw a horrible sight. I was walking towards the CHK Gym on my way to PE class when, from a far, I saw this girl coming towards my direction. Her face was contorted and she was clutching her right arm close to her; she was obviously in pain. I thought it was just a cramp or a pulled muscle or a bruise or something like that. But then, as she got closer, I saw the arm and the way she was carrying it. She wasn’t moving it. A few more steps, and I was stunned. I saw her hand was in an awkward position, and when I looked at her forearm, it was disfigured. I think I saw a depression in the middle of the forearm. It was, based on what I saw, broken. Ouch. I can’t believe I would actually see one of those freak accidents in person.

I didn’t see what happened, but I think the girl slipped and fell and landed very awkwardly with her arm.

But no matter how horrible, this is still one of the highlights of my first semester.

Shock Me

This was one of those "WTF? Nakakahiya!" moments I had. And I wasn’t even in UP when this happened.

One Wednesday or Friday, I was on EDSA riding a bus. I was supposed to get down at the Ayala MRT station.The bus stopped before Petron (I think that’s Pasay road?) and I went down, thinking it was already the MRT station (I was still a rookie commuter by this time). As I stepped down from the bus and smelled the fragrant aroma of EDSA, from a far I saw this really hot girl wearing short shorts plus a spaghetti strap top. The chick was talking to this Metro Aide girl. Hot Chick had a magnificent figure! By this time I walked a bit faster because I was eager to check out the goods up-close, if you know what I mean.

30 feet. 25. 20. 10. I was getting closer! When I was about 5 feet away, I could already hear their voices. Then Hot Chick spoke and I couldn’t believe my ears. And my eyes.

She’s a GUY! You know that gay intonation/ pitch/  I don’t know what? That was exactly what emanated from him. After I realized who I just checked out, I face-palmed in shame.

Unintentional Walking For Fitness Class

One learning experience I had in UP as a freshie. This happened during the first day of classes.

During the block handling, we were advised to check the CHK Gym first for our PE classes, since most of the time, PE classes meet there for the first class of the sem. I was in the jeep from MRT and went down just as the jeep entered the Academic Oval. I crossed the street to go to Plaridel Hall (CMC) and use the bathroom there since those are the only bathrooms I knew at this time. From there, I turned left at Ylanan then turned left again at Magsaysay to look for the Gym. When I reached the Gym, there weren’t any announcements for Duckpin Bowling (I thought at this time that Duckpin was my PE). So I went to the Alumni Center. During this time I still wasn’t sure if that indeed was the Alumni Center. I kept walking around and around and around Bahay ng Alumni to make sure that I was in the Alumni Center area.

I was sweating like a pig. My class was at 9am and it was only around 7:30 at this time. So I decided to check out the transit time from Alumni Center to AS. I passed through the tennis court area, turned left at the Oval and used the Beta Way to get to AS. I forgot to keep track of the time. So from there, I went back again to the Alumni Center.

Once again, I went back to the Gym to double check the announcements posted. I may have missed the duckpin announcement. None. I made my way back once again to the duckpin place. Finally, I saw some people in the bowling alley, so I joined them and waited. The professor came late, only to find out that we were supposed to meet in the Gym.

That day I walked a lot (obviously!). Unintentionally, I got into a solo Walking For Fitness class.

Mang Larry’s

This happened just recently. I, in my 18 years of existence, have never tried isaw at all. I had no idea what it tasted like. I just got some stories from my cousins that isaw is good, especially in Mang Larry’s.

One day, I was in the best chill library in the campus, the CAL Library, with a good friend of mine, Arielle. She was craving for barbecue. But since Beach House was already closed, we decided to walk to Mang Larry’s. And thank God she brought me there. The moment our orders came, I was filled with excitement just to taste this street food. Once I did, speechless. It was AWESOME. Plus the very, very affordable price of 3 pesos per stick.

It was like tasting heaven for 3 pesos.


This is an event in and of itself, simply because this has been a big part of my sem. From the start of the application process right up to the end, I just couldn’t imagine my life right now had I not met or joined this org. There were the requirements for the app process, the thrill and tension before crucial activities, the loads-of-fun Final Rites, and most of all, the new friends and new people I met.

Looking at the people I spend my time with, they are mostly composed of JC people, which is why I’m thinking if I didn’t join this org, I probably would be by my lonesome all day everyday.