The Godfather

 It was often asked by my mom, "Ano bang values nakukuha niyo diyan sa sineng ‘yan? Puro violence, patayan, etc.," referring to one of the greatest classics of all time, "The Godfather".

She’s right. But to really love Godfather, read the book. Trust me.

I just finished watching the movie, which I viewed right after I finished reading the classic novel by Mario Puzo.

It was the third time I’ve actually watched the film. But it was only today that I actually understood the movie. It really deserves all the praise and credit it always gets from people; a movie which, I would say, is the best novel-to-movie transformation of all adaptations ever created. Best there is, best there was. Let’s see about the "best there ever will be" part.

When I was reading the novel, I already had in my mind scenes from the movie which I vividly remember: Don Vito Corleone’s near-death assault by the fruit stand, Sonny’s massacre at the causeway, Michael’s killing of McCluskey and Solozzo, to name a few. I also had in mind that I didn’t get the story of the movie. So I read through the pages, reacting along the way to scenes and revelations which shocked me or struck me in some way.

Reading it was a great experience. I learned things about Sicilians; their people, their customs, their attitudes. And also how corrupt the Mafia is and can make you.

Because of this book, I really want to go to Italy, experience that place, hear the Italians talk, eat Italian dishes, and visit Italian tourist spots, and also those places which aren’t really tourist spots (Corleone, Italy?)


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