MRT: Mightily Rejectable Trains

 (If you’re not a fan of ranting, look away now. Rant Alert. Rant Alert.)

I hate this. Every time I go home at around 7pm, I am always welcomed by a very much unwelcome sight: clumps of people crowding the MRT station, waiting for that south bound train that will all bring them kilometers closer to their homes. And so I open up my bag,  show it to the guard (who I don’t even think knows what he/she is looking for when they inspect bags), put my card in and join the throng of commuters.

So I wait in line group. 2 minutes go by. 3. Now I’m getting bored. So I take out my earphones and stick it in to my cellphone, tune in to the BrewRATS on 92.3FM and enjoy the laughter they provide me. 5 minutes have passed. No train in sight AT ALL. 7 minutes. Oh, come on, two of them have already gone north! Where could those two have gone?! Frustration is building up. 10 minutes. None. I look for distant lights to the far end of the rail. Nada. 12 minutes pass. Still, no luck. 15 minutes. I see a set of lights. Oh finally. Stupid train. The train comes closer and closer. I see the people inside. The women’s cars are full; the girls are standing, which means the unisexual part of the trains is even more jam-packed. The middle of the trains pass me by and I see a message: I cannot board this train yet; maybe the next one will.

It’s been 17 minutes and the next train after the first hasn’t arrived yet. More time passes. Tado makes me laugh with his jokes. Then I check the time. 20 minutes! And still no ride! Oh, dear, how long will this take? Finally I see the other train coming. I box out a bit to get in front of the "queue", figuring that after I waited THAT long, I would get a convenient ride to Ayala Station.

My eyes are set. I step in the train. I look around. Something isn’t right. The air-conditioning system is not working! Just as I stepped in I immediately felt the lack of air-con. Damn it!

The train leaves. Then as it arrived in the Most Dreadful MRT Station in EDSA (Cubao), it was like a gust of wind surged in from the outside. Too bad the gust of wind took the form of a million people trying to fit through train doors. I was pushed around, of course, just like everybody else in front of the door was.

There was now the population of Asia in that train I rode. Combine that with the fact that we were standing like sardines in a can, very tightly packed, so tight if the train suddenly moves, you won’t fall, for there will be someone to lean on to anywhere in your radius. Literally. Imagining the scene? Now combine this with a temperature of almost 40 degrees Celsius.

This was my experience for tonight. And this is an experience I’ve had for at least 4 times already this semester. This is also why I vehemently oppose the MRT fare hike increase.

Just like in the South Luzon Expressway, wherein the toll cannot and MUST NOT increase because traffic is very rampant, so should the MRT not increase fares because there isn’t anything worth paying extra for. The space in the trains are so little compared to the LRTs. The air-conditioning is horrible.

But the thing I absolutely hate. loathe, condemn, about the MRT is the TIME. My goodness, anytime of the day, the trains have never been consistent. Sometimes it would come in short intervals; in others, long intervals; still in others, extremely long intervals. I had to wait for 30 minutes one time for a train. At ang dumating na train eh yung sobrang puno, yung tipong hindi ka na makakapasok kahit anong paniniksik at pambabox-out ang gawin mo.

Hindi ko lang talaga maintindihan ang mga nagpapatakbo ng MRT na iyan. Ang dami dami nang train na nanggaling from the south (meaning mga North Ave.-bound trains). Ang galing naman at naipon nila yun sa North Ave Station/Trinoma. Ano yun, pinasok nila sa mall? Ano bang goal na naaachieve nila sa pagpapahintay sa mga pasahero? Pinupuno ba nila yung mga train sa Trinoma pa lang? Jeep na ba ang MRT ngayon, na kailangan pang punuin ng pasahero bago mag-layag?

Walang sistema sa oras, napakasikip, mainit, tapos tataasan ng presyo ang pamasahe? Sabi nila kapag train naman daw, talagang mahal. Alam naman pala nila e, bakit ngayon lang magtataas? Tapos biglaan pa. Kalokohan. Sana noong umpisa pa lang ng MRT na ‘yan, mataas na yung presyo para hindi na nagulat yung mga tao sa pamasahe. At least kung ganoon, hindi na nalugi yung MRT ( o kung anumang kompanya ang namamahala dito), at hindi na rin magugulat pa ang mga tao sa masamang kondisyon sa loob ng mga tren.

Sana naman ibasura ang MRT fare hike na iyan. Hindi siya makabuluhan para sa mga pasahero ng MRT. At kung magtataas sila ng singil, ayusin muna nila ang sistema nila, lagyan ng oras, hindi bara-bara lang kung kailan gusto nung mga driver umalis; dagdagan ang aircon, dahil may ibang bahagi ng tren na hindi inaabot ng aircon, at kapag naging mala-sardinas ang mga tao, nagiging sauna na iyong tren.

Ang alam ko kasi nagtataas lang ng presyo kapag may improvement e. KASO WALA. Grabeng MRT yan.

Don’t fix something that ain’t broken. The MRT is broken, so it must be fixed.


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