I Missed The Ride To Markus Highway

 The most boring class of my freshman 1st sem had just recently concluded. With a bored-to-death mind, I walked my way out of the classroom, a bit hurriedly just to get out of Math. I got to the Toki "terminal" along CP Garcia Street right outside the Math building. As I was waiting for the vacant jeep to park, I saw these two men walking to the direction of the Naitonal Institue of Physics, wearing khaki shorts, white shirt, and bringing something on their shoulders, something like a fencing sword (sorry, I don’t know what it is called).

They looked weird, honestly. But since there are many weird people in UP, I ignored them. They’re everyday occurrences in UP, anyway, I thought.

So I got in the jeep and made my way to Palma Hall/AS Building for my favorite class of this semester, Philosophy 10 (Ain’t that great? Right after the most boring class is the most fun class. Things indeed do come in pairs). Just the usual routine I go through every Wednesday and Friday. By this time, the image of those two unusual-looking dudes wasn’t lingering that much in my head anymore, but it’s still there.

(Oh, that’s it. They looked like some sort of hunters.)

The typical things happened: I went down the jeep, went up 4 flights of stairs, got in room 312, sat down, finished the readings, and waited for our professor. And waited. And waited. And waited. I sensed something fishy by then. Yeah our prof was always late, but not this late. An hour late? No, that’s not him. Maybe 30 minutes. But 1 hour is just too much.

Eventually he arrived, and he was his usual self: a bit intimidating when he arrives, seemingly in a bad mood, but then will lighten up a bit later, joking around with us.

As is always the case in our classes, the discussion was like a butterfly in a garden: it floats around from flower to flower (or in our class’ case, from topic to topic). St. Thomas Aquinas, then the book report, then love life, then boobs, then back to St. Thomas Aquinas, then to a class couple, then Aquinas. The typical. (Yes, that is a typical Philo 10 discussion, folks.)

In the middle of one discussion (I forgot the topic), two people pass by outside. I managed to catch a split-second glimpse of them, and I think I’ve seen them earlier. Once they walked past the door and out of sight, our professor asks, "Nakita niyo yun? Si Marcus ng Eraserheads." Immediately I looked up! "Sa’n?!" I asked excitedly, with eyes wide open and a smile creeping its way onto my face. "Andun sa labas? Sige habulin mo! Seryoso ako," Mr. Caslib said. But because I was hesitant, I declined his offer.

And then it hit me. Si Marcus Adoro ng Eraserheads yung nakita ko kanina sa may Toki-han sa Math!


And I blew my chance. Damn. The Eraserheads was the biggest OPM band in history. Probably the best there ever will be. And Marcus is a great guitarist. Not too technical. Very simple. But it fits their music, which is how exactly guitarists must play.

Marcus seems like a great guy. I wanna talk to him, and of course get a photo with him. He’s one of my idols. Well, not really but I really look up to the man being a part of the Eraserheads. He may not be as well-known as Ely Buendia or Raymund Marasigan (of Pupil and Sandwich, respectively), but he definitely is a key part of the E-Heads.

I’m sure there will be more chances to see him. Maybe I may also see Ely or Raymund, or even Buddy in campus. Or Ramon Bautista. Who knows who I may bump in to? The next time it happens, I’ll come out with a picture.

"Seize the moment, try to freeze it and own it
Squeeze it and hold it
Cuz we consider these minutes golden"

Sing For The Moment, Eminem


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