I am now convinced that God, indeed, exists, and this week was proof enough for me.

Before this week came around, I was already worried sick about it. With the cultural presentation for Kas1 coming, plus the GA for my org, and "Mumbaki", the required film for Kas1, I was doubting whether I can still have time for myself, you know, for other stuff; stuff which I want to do.

So Monday came about. It was a fine day. I went to UP to practice with my Kas1 classmates. It wasn’t eventful. I don’t think anything significant really happened, because that’s how cooperative my classmates were (not all, but most). During the night, we went to a relative’s wake. He passed away last Sunday afternoon. As a result, I got home late (around 10?).

The following day, I skipped GA for another Kas1 practice. We did until 8pm, and, well, of course I got home late. On a good night, it takes around 1 hour 45 minutes to get home. That night was terrible. The traffic in SLEX made the 1:45 trip around 2 hours 30. The following night, presentation night, same story. Late departure from UP, but this time I rode with my dad home. If I remember correctly, I got home at 10:30.

At this point, I’ve been asking God to give me a break, since I think, at this point, I’ll break down anytime.

Thursday, we were required to watch "Mumbaki" in the UPFI. I was already prepared to watch, to do something during my 11:30-5 idle time. At around 12:30pm, I was eating lunch. My classmate texts me that our Kas1 prof cancelled the requirement to watch! I’m free to go home! Yes! Finally a break. God is good!

But it gets better.

That night, at around 6, I was listening to the BrewRATS. They were talking about the immense rain that dropped in QC. I heard stories from my classmates that they were stranded in UP, that it was so hard to get a ride, that it was raining REALLY strong.

Had I been required to watch "Mumbaki", I would’ve witnessed that. I would’ve experienced what it was like to commute home amidst a storm which is terrifying.

And this is where I realized one thing: God will only give you challenges you CAN handle. I know for myself that I cannot handle going home at night in the middle of a rainstorm. I know for a fact that I NEED to rest, to go home to do multiple tasks supposedly due the following day. Ask and you shall receive, they say. I asked, and I got it. God’s plan for me was right there, almost the same as my interests. I was able to come home earlier, and I finished my job. God, indeed, is great!

And now, whenever I’m faced with a situation I think I can’t handle, I stop and think:

I’ll get through. God will only give me challenges I CAN handle.

And remember: your life is an iPod, you’re the music, and God listens to you.


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