I am now convinced that God, indeed, exists, and this week was proof enough for me.

Before this week came around, I was already worried sick about it. With the cultural presentation for Kas1 coming, plus the GA for my org, and "Mumbaki", the required film for Kas1, I was doubting whether I can still have time for myself, you know, for other stuff; stuff which I want to do.

So Monday came about. It was a fine day. I went to UP to practice with my Kas1 classmates. It wasn’t eventful. I don’t think anything significant really happened, because that’s how cooperative my classmates were (not all, but most). During the night, we went to a relative’s wake. He passed away last Sunday afternoon. As a result, I got home late (around 10?).

The following day, I skipped GA for another Kas1 practice. We did until 8pm, and, well, of course I got home late. On a good night, it takes around 1 hour 45 minutes to get home. That night was terrible. The traffic in SLEX made the 1:45 trip around 2 hours 30. The following night, presentation night, same story. Late departure from UP, but this time I rode with my dad home. If I remember correctly, I got home at 10:30.

At this point, I’ve been asking God to give me a break, since I think, at this point, I’ll break down anytime.

Thursday, we were required to watch "Mumbaki" in the UPFI. I was already prepared to watch, to do something during my 11:30-5 idle time. At around 12:30pm, I was eating lunch. My classmate texts me that our Kas1 prof cancelled the requirement to watch! I’m free to go home! Yes! Finally a break. God is good!

But it gets better.

That night, at around 6, I was listening to the BrewRATS. They were talking about the immense rain that dropped in QC. I heard stories from my classmates that they were stranded in UP, that it was so hard to get a ride, that it was raining REALLY strong.

Had I been required to watch "Mumbaki", I would’ve witnessed that. I would’ve experienced what it was like to commute home amidst a storm which is terrifying.

And this is where I realized one thing: God will only give you challenges you CAN handle. I know for myself that I cannot handle going home at night in the middle of a rainstorm. I know for a fact that I NEED to rest, to go home to do multiple tasks supposedly due the following day. Ask and you shall receive, they say. I asked, and I got it. God’s plan for me was right there, almost the same as my interests. I was able to come home earlier, and I finished my job. God, indeed, is great!

And now, whenever I’m faced with a situation I think I can’t handle, I stop and think:

I’ll get through. God will only give me challenges I CAN handle.

And remember: your life is an iPod, you’re the music, and God listens to you.


Pilot entry. Blog!

What’s up? So here I am in the pages of LiveJournal posting my first entry here.

Apparently, I’ve decided to have a blog, and I’d want to update this regularly (as in like AT LEAST once a week). Yeah I have a blog in my UVLE, but c’mon, that sucks. I don’t know if anyone even reads that.

So why did I decide to have a blog? Trip ko lang, actually. May mga times kasi na gusto kong mag-post ng saloobin sa Twitter ngunit kukulangin ang 140 na titik. Ayoko rin namang gumawa ng note sa Facebook. So naisip ko, blog na lang. Parang Twitter din, pero mas mahaba nga lang. Infinitely lengthy.

That’s all for tonight. I’m really sleepy.

May naisip akong blog joke.

Anong tunog ang narinig nung nadapa yung tao?